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Nationwide Free School Lunches

Dear Parents, 
Vanlue Local School will be offering free lunches to students enrolled in the Vanlue Local School District. Through a waiver from the USDA we are able to offer FREE lunches for the 2021-2022 school year.

What does this mean for your child?
All students will be able to eat for free, with or without a Free and Reduced application on file. This applies to full meals only! Any extra a la carte items must still be purchased separately. Those students who already have funds in their lunch accounts will be able to keep those funds in the accounts for future use when the free lunch program ceases. We are hopeful funding will last through the end of December. However, funds could run out before then! The USDA will let us know and we will announce when meals will be going back to paid.

Should you still fill out a Free and Reduced application?
YES! We HIGHLY recommend that you fill out an application NOW. When the funding does run out, all students with approved applications will continue to be served free and/or reduced priced meals with no interruptions. If a student does not have a current and approved application on file, they will be charged full price for meals. The application can be found attached to this email or you may contact Kari King at [email protected] to request an application

When does this start?
We will begin serving free lunches on Monday September 14, 2020. This includes remote students as well as in-person. Please remember, if you are requesting a remote lunch we MUST be notified no later than 8:00 am the day of. If we are not notified, your child will NOT receive a lunch. NO EXCEPTIONS! You may contact Kari King at [email protected] to request your remote lunch. Please include your child(ren) name and grade. Remote lunches can be picked up from the school between 11am-1pm. Please call 419-387-7724 to let the office know you have arrived. The lunch will then be brought to you.

Will the menus still remain the same?
Menu items may change based on availability of items.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kari King at 419-387-7724 or [email protected]........

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