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Athletic Forms

Vanlue Student Athlete Information

We are pleased that you are interested in being involved in the interscholastic athletic program at Vanlue Local School and we hope that your experiences are pleasant and rewarding. Each year in the U.S. over 4 million students participate in interscholastic athletic activities. All of us are aware of the many advantages that sports participation provides:

1. Strenuous physical conditioning;

2. The development of sports skills;

3. An increase in our agility, coordination, flexibility, speed and endurance;

4. Instruction in discipline and the promotion of our ability to work with others;

5. A challenge, not only to our physical, but also our psychological limits.

If you are in need of insurance, please use the PDF files listed below for more information:

Athletic Boosters

Wildcat Club Form

Join the Wildcat Club to help support our student athletes and coaches!
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