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District Improvement Plan

Hancock County Business Report

The report below is given to us by the Hancock County ESC as they must provide all participating school districts in the Hancock County Business Advisory Council by March 1, 2019 since the ESC serves as our designee for fulfilling this O.R.C. requirement.

Title 1 Reading

All About TItle I
Title I is a federal aid program through which most Ohio school districts receive funding to provide supplemental instruction for those students who qualify. The allocation of funds for each school district is based on a legislative formula dependent upon the distribution of low-income children and state per-pupil expenditures. However, Title I services are provided for all children who qualify as needing assistance in language arts or mathematics regardless of income.

The Vanlue Local School Title I Program is conducted during the regular school year and is dedicated to serving students in the lower elementary grades. We are currently servicing 23 students in grades K-3.
Our Title I Program at Vanlue School primarily focuses on reading intervention and is designed to supplement services to students through a small group/individual pullout program.  Students meet in a small classroom setting and receive intensive instruction for 30-42 minutes daily. While Title I instruction is occurring, the regular classroom teacher is reviewing the same skills but at a different level in the classroom. This means that Title I students are not missing any direct classroom instruction given in the regular classroom during Title I time.

Selection for participation in our Title I program is based on the following criteria:
  • Teacher recommendation/Checklists
  • Classroom grades
  • Performance on OAA (grades 3-5)

Performance on School-wide Reading Assessments including:

  • Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test (Grades 1-5)
  • Scholastic Reading Inventory  SRI (Grades1-5)
  • DIBELS Next – Amplify  (Grades K-3)
  • KRA-L ( Kindergarten)

Children are expected to achieve at a faster rate with the help and support of Title I instruction. This type of supplemental instruction helps over 100,000 Ohio students annually improve their basic reading and mathematic skills. Research indicates that about nine of every ten students participating in Title I programs make gains in their academic achievement.

Dismissal from Title I can and does occur at Vanlue Local School. In many cases, students involved in this intensive small group instructional program are often able to raise their reading level and independent scores to a proficient level and in turn, no longer qualify for Title I services and test out of the program. This process often occurs at the end of each school year, but if progress is very evident during the school year a student may be eligible to “test-out” early.

Vanlue Local School seeks the active participation of all Title I students’ parents in improving their child’s academic achievement.

Parents are encouraged to communicate regularly with the Title I teacher to discuss the progress of their child.

We encourage your help and assistance in a variety of ways:

  • Participation in parent/teacher conferences in November
  • Reading, signing and returning all forms and notes sent home
  • Emails, notes and phone calls are always welcome to stay in contact
  • Participating in Title I Parent/ Family Night ( 2 times a year)
  • Actively reading with your child 20 minutes each night and sign the reading log calendar

Experts agree that reading is the basis for school success. Parents play a key role in that success, especially in building necessary reading skills. Parents provide the strong foundation through encouragement, practice and appropriate setting which are all vital in student success. We thank you in advance for all of your help and assistance in working together with your child to help him/her succeed.

If you ever have any questions regarding your child's progress or performance, I encourage you to contact me at anytime! [email protected] or leave a message at the school 419-387-7724

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