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Athletic Events Tickets

Athletic Ticket Information

Spectator Information and Ticket Availability

Please be a responsible spectator and conduct daily symptom assessments prior to attending a game.  Anyone experiencing Covid-19 symptoms needs to stay home and help keep our athletes safe.  Family members must sit together, 6 feet socially distanced from other individuals/family groups.  If any children are in attendance, they are to remain seated throughout the game with the family.  THEY CANNONT RUN AROUND!  No congregating before or after games.  Spectators/Workers must wear a mask at all times.  You will be asked to leave if you do not follow the required mandates.

Every spectator must have an online "ticket" from Hometown Ticketing for that specific Vanlue sporting event.  Families of athletes will receive a set number of tickets to purchase electronically for each event.
      For Vanlue Fans:  Away tickets will depend on the hosting team's gym capacity.  Purchasing information will be shared with families of the athlete by our Athletic Director.
      For Visiting Team Fans:  Purchasing information for Vanlue games will be shared with families of the athlete through your Athletic Director.

Ticket Prices:
Varsity/JV Basketball - $6.00
Junior High Basketball - $4.00

These are flat prices.  There are no discounts for students.
All ticket sales are final, no refunds will be issued.  Do NOT purchase tickets until game day due to possible cancellations.

The OHSAA Northwest District Pass will be the ONLY pass accepted.  No league passes are permitted.

There will be no General Admission tickets.  No code = no entry

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