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PBIS is a framework for creating safe, positive equitable schools, where every student can feel valued, connected to Vanlue school community and supported by caring adults. By implementing evidence-based practices within a PBIS framework, Vanlue can support their students’ academic, social, emotional, and behavioral success, engage with families to create locally-meaningful and culturally-relevant outcomes, and use data to make informed decisions that the way things work for everyone.

Why should we implement PBIS? It works — students and educators benefit. Research shows it works, time and time again.

For additional information on PBIS:  PBIS Fact Sheet

Vanlue's school wide PBIS Matrix defines expectations in various settings throughout the school and provides a common language which allows staff to directly teach positive behavioral expectations: Positive Actions

Parents can help reinforce positive behavior that is learned at school.  By registering for the PBIS Rewards Family App, parents /guardians are able to track their child's progress and points.

For more information on the PBIS family App:

Vanlue School PBIS initiatives: 

Parents can help support our dedicated staff members by nominating a staff member for Staff member of the month  Please click the link below to fill out the Google form:

WildcatWednesdays: WildcatWednesday

PBIS cash in days: Cash In Days

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