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Level 1 Overview

The Vanlue Local School Traditional Program is designed to provide a continuity of instruction and learning with all safety procedures in place while attending school 5 days a week.


Instruction and content will be delivered as we have in the past, in the classroom.  Students and Staff will be required to participate in all Covid  safety measures to help insure the health and safety of the school environment.


The school day will be as normal: 8:00 am- 2:46 pm


Attendance will be taken in class.  If a student becomes ill, a parent/guardian should follow normal absence procedures by notifying Mrs. Thomas ([email protected])

Attendance Guidelines

Attendance procedures are outlined in this document.

Student Responsibilities:

Before you come to school, self assess by following this document.

When your in attendance at school

Upon arrival go to locker than directly to classrooms

Enter at assigned entrances:

  • HS- Old building entry , up stairs to 3rd floor

  • JH- Main doors, down the ramp to 1st floor

  • Elementary- Main door, to elementary hall and classrooms

K-12  students will be required to wear a mask 

Maintain 6 ft. distance from peers

Use hand sanitizers stations upon entering building and throughout the building during the day

Carry a water bottle as water fountains will not be available

Adhere to all signage in the hallways and other school spaces

Use only the lockers that are assigned to you

Students will be dismissed : first bell Odd Pod Numbers  -HS , second bell Even Pod Numbers- JH

Listen for announce dismissal for leaving at the end of the day and only leave when you are supposed to

Walkers, Bus 4, Bus 1, Bus 2 , Drivers/In Season Sports

Hallway doors

Enter from the North

Exit from the South

School transportation

Wear a mask

Assign seating

Remain seated, face forward 

Bus driver will dismiss you

Cafeteria /Recess

Enter from the North

Exit from the South

Follow designated seating arrangements

Remained seated, you will be dismissed to get lunches/purchase extras and return trays

Packers should go directly to their seats

No access to microwave


If you feel sick, alert a teacher, they will call down to the office

Do not come to the office if you are sick, report to room 206 after the office has been contacted

If you enter office at any time, maintain social distancing and wear mask

Millstream/sign ins/ note drop off is in front of the office door


6 ft distancing

Wear a mask

Library /SH in Library

Enter from the North

Exit from the South

One student per table

Assign seats

Do not take any item off the shelves, ask Mrs Devooght , she will get resources for you.

Parent Expectations

Provide Masks and a water bottle for your child .

Elementary grades need to provide a box of tissues for their child to keep on their desks

Keep your child at home if they are sick. See flow charts in resources for detailed steps. 

Perform a student self screener before student goes to school

Students will not be able to enter building until 7:45 am

There will be no bus passes this year

No visitors during lunch hours

Visitors within the building will be limited

If you are required to enter the building you must have a mask on, and we will screen you before you may enter

If student packs, pack easy open items in  their lunches

Please utilize Meals Plus on the website to put money on students lunch accounts

When picking up a student during school hours, you may call the office and the office will verify who is picking the child up and send them down

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