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COVID-19 Information
For the latest information regarding Vanlue Local School's reopening and COVID-19 information please click here. We are currently on Level 2 (orange).

COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Reporting


The safety of our students and staff will continue to be our highest priority. In an effort to keep our school community fully informed, this report will be updated when cases occur.

COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

September 3, 2020

Dear Vanlue Families:

We are so close to starting the 2020-2021 school year with students back in the building!  With that being said there are a few more housekeeping items I would like to remind you of:
  • School begins on Tuesday, September 8 on the HYBRID model.  Please visit and click on the COVID link at the top of the page.  The link to the reopening plan with more information is located there.
  • Junior High and High School students are expected to login on the first day of school.   If this does not occur, they will be considered absent.  You will begin with your second period class at 9am.
  • If the county level changes, we will REMAIN on the hybrid schedule for two weeks then evaluate the status before making a change.
  • Please remember before arriving at school to self-monitor your symptoms at home every day, have your mask on before entering the school building, and bring a water bottle.
  • Parents:   Please remember when you drop off your child that you do NOT go into the school and do NOT congregate outside of the building.  We appreciate your cooperation on this matter.
  • Student Entrances:
    1. High School Students – Use the Old Building Side Door
    2. Junior High Students – Main Doors and proceed down the ramp
    3. Elementary Students – Main Doors and proceed to your classroom
  • If school is cancelled due to weather, ALL students will report to remote courses beginning at 9am.
Ms. Conley

August 21, 2020
Dear Vanlue Families:
     In order to allow parents and students adequate time to finalize their plans for returning to school on September 8th, and due to the sustained county advisory level, Vanlue Local School is announcing that students will return to school on Tuesday, September 8 on the Level 2(Hybrid) plan.  This is subject to change if the alert level for Hancock County changes.  Vanlue will always post the current level at the top of the Home page on our school website.
     With the governor's release this week for sports, we can now move forward.  We have a lot of mandates that we are currently working on.  Information on ticketing and guidelines for attending our athletic events will be out next week for volleyball and hopefully football as well. Please be patient, as we have a lot of planning to take care of.  Please continue to exhibit safe practices for we can have school and have sports for our children!

Reminders :
  • All students must be registered in Final Forms by September 1. (Please follow link on the website)
  • Pick up days are scheduled for September 2 (Last names from A-M) and September 3 (Last names from N-Z).  Both days are 5-8pm. (More information can be found on the website)  
  • School lunch information has been sent out via a Final Forms email regarding free and reduce and remote day lunch offerings.  If you did not receive this email you must register our child in Final Forms.  For any school lunch/free and reduced question please contact [email protected]
  • Grades 6-12 students need to pay close attention to their schedule when they pick them up.  A pod number and locker number will be on their schedule which will be used for dismissals from classrooms during the school day.  First bell- odd number pods, second bell- even number pods.
  • Those students who are doing packets for our current level: The first week packets will be available on Friday September 4th (in red bins) from 7 am to 7 pm.    
  • Immunizations- Grades K, 7th, 12th have required immunizations, Please schedule ASAP at your local health department or family doctor and provide an updated record to the school.  This time of year is very busy for the health department so if you are not able to receive the needed immunizations before the first day of school, please call Jodi in the office with the scheduled date.
August 11, 2020
Dear Vanlue Parents,
We know that the question on everyone's mind is whether students will return to the classrooms. Vanlue Local School is committed to making sound decisions regarding our reopening. Our plans are based on the evolving requirements and guidance from Governor DeWine, the Ohio Health Department, and the Hancock County Health Department. The level color-code system that we will use will help to get our kids back in school safely. Linked is the  Vanlue School Fall Reopen Plan. We will provide more detailed information for each level including schedules in the days to come. Please look for this information on our covid-19 information page on our school website. 
Thank you,
Ms. Traci Conley
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