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Vanlue Virtual Classroom Overview

Vanlue Virtual Classroom

Classroom Learning: Vanlue Virtual Classroom (VVC) students will, for the most part, be engaging in content independently.  Junior High/High School students should check in with teachers at least once a week.  Elementary students should check in with teachers at least twice a week.  We ask students to complete the lessons/activities posted on Google Classroom and submit work by the published date.  Students can expect daily assignments for each class and some type of check-for-understanding to be submitted weekly. 

Prior to beginning classes, there will be a scheduled Google Meet with your teacher(s) to discuss how to access VVC through Progress Book and to answer any questions you may have. Classes will be assigned based on typical class schedules, but some previously chosen electives may be different.  Mrs. Smith will be contacting junior high and high school students about these changes. 

Attendance: Attendance for the VVC will be tracked by daily log-ins and work completion in each subject area.  Students who do not log-in or submit assigned work will be counted as absent for that class.  If a student becomes ill, a parent/guardian should follow normal absence procedures by notifying Sandy Thomas ([email protected]) or by calling 419-387-8104.

Attendance Guidelines

Attendance procedure are outlined in this document

Student Responsibilities:  Be engaged with your curriculum and assignments daily!  Check Google Classroom and your school email daily.  Complete and submit assignments by scheduled due dates or make arrangements with your teacher for extensions.  Attend all group and one-on-one meetings when scheduled.  (To complete assignments, students will need to spend up to 3 hours online per school day.)  If you have questions about assignments, communicate with your teachers.

Parent Responsibilities: Check in with your child(ren) each day about their learning.  Help them establish a daily routine and space to work on VVC.  Communicate with teachers if your child(ren) is experiencing difficulties with classwork, but encourage your older children to communicate first. Contact Mr. McCoy ([email protected])  if there are difficulties with technology.

Open Office Hours: Teachers will be available during Open Office hours throughout the week for students to schedule one-on-one meetings, to solicit feedback on assignments, or to simply check-in with each other. Office hours will be listed on a teacher’s Google Classroom. 

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