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FAQ for Reopening

Below is a FAQ based on questions that have been asked about  Vanlue Reopening for the 2020-21 school year. If you have a question, please email Ms Conley at [email protected]

Reopening of school

Can my child do remote only?

Yes, there is an option 2 in which your child can participate in the Vanlue Virtual Academy.  If this is what you want you need to contact the school to get your child signed up for this option

When will school start?

Vanlue will begin school September 8, 2020

Will there be an open house?

We will not have an open house, but we will be scheduling two days for students and parents can pick up schedules(6-12),  pay fees/laptop insurance, pick up yearbooks

(current students only), put money on students lunch accounts, pick up a free and reduced lunch form, pick up computers 

How will the classrooms be set up?

Classroom occupancy will be based on the square footage of the classroom. We will try to maintain 6 ft distance in classrooms.  We will also decrease the likelihood of infection with hygiene practices, cleaning, and safety procedures.  

What model of instruction will Vanlue use?

Vanlue will go by the Ohio Alert levels. If Hancock County is colored:

Yellow-  We will attend with all safety protocols 

Orange- We will be in Hybrid, see school website for this information

Red- We will be in remote learning

Are face masks required for staff and students at school?

As per the state mandate on 8-5-2020, everyone will be in a facemask.

Are masks going to be provided?

We will have a limited supply available just in case the student forgets but we would like for students to have their own .

Will students be screened before they enter the building?

At this time we are asking parents to do a self screening at home.  Reporting any sickness and or symptoms to attendance. Please see the school website for more information.

What will the learning schedule look like?

We have different schedules at each level. Please visit the school website to see the different schedules.

Will visitors be allowed in the school?

Visitors will not have access to the school building until further notice.

Visitors that will need to access the building will be screened at the door and require a mask and sanitized to enter the building. 

Do schools have a contact tracing plan?

We will be working with the Hancock County health department for contact tracing.  We have many safety requirements in place to help with any tracing in school.

What happens if a student or staff member tests positive?

We will be required to quarantine a classroom(s), close contacts, disinfect those classrooms/part of the building, and follow the guidelines from the Health department and CDC.

How will lunch be served?

If we are in school, lunch will be served in the cafeteria.  We have split students up into smaller groups with social distancing and have added an additional lunch period. Additional information is in the Vanlue Reopening Plan on the school website. 

We are currently working on a plan to provide meals for students when we are in remote learning. Please watch for this information! 

Will there be assemblies at school?

Currently we are not planning any for the first 9 weeks.  This will be revisited each 9 weeks.

Will there be field trips?

Currently we are not planning any field trips for the first 9 weeks.  This will be revisited each 9 weeks.

Will the drinking fountains be used?

No, the drinking fountains will be shut off, but the filler stations will be on. This means students are to bring their own bottle to use during the school day.

Bus Guidelines

Will students have to wear masks while on the bus?

Yes, in order to ride the bus the students must wear a mask

Will there be a limit of people on a school bus?

Routes have been changed to help maintain a smaller number of students on the buses. Students will sit 2 in a set, family members will be able to sit 3.

Will bus drivers be required to wear masks?


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